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Contributors Guide

In the near future Giveth is launching its DApp. To Build the Future of Giving we need your help: may you be a developer, designer, writer, organizer, blogger, tester ... whatever you do or make, we value your contribution in the Giveth Decentralized Altruistic Community.

Every month the 4 Circles or ‘Campaigns’ of the Giveth DAC (Dapp Team, Communication, Governance, Social Coding) award a considerable amount in eth to contributors who add value to our Community, via our RewardDAO. Below we explain how you can become a contributor and how you can be awarded and rewarded for your efforts!

Step 1: Join us

  • We post all tasks to the #contributors room/channel on Riot on a weekly basis, be sure to join this room together with the relevant circle's room/channel.
  • If we get to know you, we might also proactively reach out to you if we have tasks. To this end, you can fill out your info here. Know that through this info we can also refer you to non-profits that will be living on our platform, as they too will need your support.

Step 2: Discuss your task

  • Once you have picked up a task, the ideal place to discuss your progress or ask questions is in the linked channel (#Product Development, #Communication, #Governance, #Social Coding) or in direct messages with the person who requested this task.
  • Once your task is completed and approved by the task requester, do share the result in the appropriate channel.
  • The task requester will dish out points for what you did in the relevant channel. These points will be paid out in ether at the end of the monthly reward period (the end of each month).

Step 3: Prove your work

  • Please make a video as proof of what you did:
    • Go to our Wall of Fame, where you start by tapping/clicking on the ‘+’ (bottom right). Please note: Currently the Wall of Fame only supports Chrome browser
    • Create your video or upload an existing one, with your camera, using screen recording, or a combination of both.
    • Make sure you add your chat handle and a public wallet address that can hold ether.
    • Share the link to this video in the appropriate channels and in #contributors.

At Giveth we strongly believe in transparency and accountability, so we take this video proof very seriously, please take a few minutes to create this before the end of the month, so we can pay you out the awarded points in ether! For work done in the last few days of this period, we allow a 3 day grace period for the video.

Step 4: Get rewarded

  • Point dishing for the month is closed off at midnight CEST on the 15th of each month. Very shortly after this date the representatives of the 4 circles convene and discuss how much points they awarded to each contributor and which amount is rolled over from the previous month.* Representatives can make changes to the points they awarded up to this date, which is especially relevant if more than one person dishes points for a specific circle.
  • After discussion, the representatives assign ‘weight’ to the different circles for that month, which is translated into percentages and recalibrates the final amount of ether that is attributed to every contributor. If more than one person has voted per circle, the awarded points can be changed, so that the total of awarded points per circle still makes sense.
  • The document with the final points and awarded ether is shared in the #contributors channel on the 18th of each month. Internally, we use the Giveth DApp (running on Rinkeby testnet) to track and pay out contributor rewards as soon as possible through Milestones.

You can find the live sheet of the awarded points throughout a month here and the awarded eth per month plus the voting results in one sheet per month in this folder.

More info here on how the RewardDAO works. A contribution for which Giveth contributor Cleo received points. :)

If you have any questions about your contribution (and linked award), please contact Dani ( via a direct message on Riot.

* Note: during 'calm' months (for example during the summer) when less points are dished, circles can decide to roll over part of the available eth to the next month, so that the dished points are a reasonable and fair amount in eth in comparison to previous months. The rolled over amounts are indicated in each sheet.