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Giveth DAC - jointly approved policies

Section 1: Process

These points should influence creation of a new proposal:

  1. Active policies
  2. Advice process
  3. Is it safe enough to try?

All active policies can be challenged!

The policy forming process at Giveth has been evolved to this flow of actions:

  1. Policies must start as formal proposals on Giveth DAC loomio
  2. The proposal shall be advertised by the proposer in relevant chat channels (please see Advice Process)
  3. If there is disagreement, the proposal is taken to the Governance Meeting, otherwise it passes automatically.
  4. A proposal that has been passed needs its outcome to be shared by the proposer on loomio
  5. The proposal is recorded on the current page on the Wiki in Section 2.

Section 2: Approved Policies

How the DAC uses the DApp

"Everybody on the whitelist is allowed to create DACs and campaigns" see Gov Meeting #39 and loomio


"From Dec 15th 2018 all Regular Reward have to be filed in DAI. Expenses can be filed in DAI. Reward DAO stays in ETH. Giveth gets more DAI from soliciting more donations in DAI" see Community Meeting #54

"If the governance campaign runs out of money, Griff is allowed to donate to it" see Gov Meeting #35

"The Unicorn DAC is resposible for some funding/steering of Giveth and those onboarded may delegate funds to milestones each week within the agreed upon parameters." see Gov Meeting #45 and loomio 1 and 2

Governance Process

"Decisions will be made using the Advice Process as described in the Advice Process document. Namely, following the steps 1)Ideation 2)Sounding / meta-thinking 3)Advice and 4)Decision making" see Advice Process doc and loomio

"Proposals have to go on loomio first - If no one objects on loomio, the proposal is passed. If somebody objects the proposal is discussed at the next Governance Meeting" see Gov meeting #41 and loomio

"A standardized workflow for policies is in place that new proposals should follow" see Section 1: Process and loomio

"A roles meeting should commence regularly - proposal suggests one per month" see Gov Meeting #37

"In Governance meeting, topics will only be discussed if they have been proposed on loomio **at least 12 hours before**" see Gov Meeting #21

Working with Giveth

How work is assigned

Work is created by somebody spotting a problem that needs to be solved. The person/group discovering the problem is usually the best one to come up with a solution and should take responsibility for implementation - Elinor Ostrom

The most important guideline to follow is our Advice process, derived from the book 'Reinventing Organizations'. - see Advice Process and loomio

Reward DAO

The Reward DAO is an evolving process-in-place to reward freelance contributions to Giveth. - missing source

In its current implementation, the four main circles of Giveth (Communication, DApp Development, Governance and Social Coding) give points in their respective channel via pointsbot (A chat-bot that can be used to issue and record awarded points). At the 15th of each month, the circle leads meet up to sign-off on last periods' points. The Reward DAO allowance of each circle (in ETH) is divided by that circles total awarded points this period and every contributor gets a filled-out milestone on the Giveth DApp that is paid out soon after. - missing source

Regular Rewards

1 - Regular Rewards is our term for what closest comes to a normal *salary*. Who is eligible and how high is the compensation/week is determined by respective circle leads - missing source 2 - Regular Rewards are budgeted per year - missing source 3 - Milestones for RRs should be created per week and use the last day of the week to set the exchange rate - missing source 4 - RR Milestones are written *a posteriori (after the fact, describing tasks that were fulfilled)* - missing source