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Introduction and tutorials for

Contains - Background - Benefits of migration - Link list - Tutorial for Giveth community users

Migration to Riot


We started the Giveth community on Slack and today our community counts over 1200 members. Slack was conceived as a communication tool for small teams and to be honest it is still a great piece of software.

Still, there are some nasty limitations put upon free plan communities: - The community is only able to see the last 10.000 messages - to put this into perspective, over 150.000 messages have been posted to Giveth Slack - We can only have ten active integrations - integrations are super-useful to make chat software integrate with the rest of the internet, like social networks, google drive and github.

We could pay for a full membership, but that costs per user and amounts to over 15.000 USD/year.

You might have noticed other blockchain communities that started with Slack and since migrated away to Rocket Chat or

When looking for alternatives for Giveth, we noticed that and the [matrix] protocol have evolved rapidly over the last months. Now that the community feature is in place, we want to change our whole onboarding scheme to We are using a message relay bridge between Slack and Riot that reliably mirrors the messages between both applications. So even if you read on and decide Riot is not for you - fear not - Slack will still hang around for a while, but due to the nature of proprietary software, we cannot guarantee continued support.

The bridging software used is matterbridge.

Benefits of migration

  • is FLOSS (free libre open-source) software
  • There is no limit to integrations and the possibilites are much more open
  • Our history is still not on servers we control, but the operator is a benevolent project with big plans. While we tried to talk to the Slack team without response, the [matrix] guys were instantly reachable from day one.
  • Rooms running on matrix servers are not isolated projects like in Slack. You create one handle for matrix and can then join any other community running on matrix servers. For example, our friends at Swarm City also just opened some rooms on Riot and you can just go to one of their rooms and join their discussion.
  • It is very easy to create a new room for ALL USERS (with options like strong encryption, private or public, etc.) and invite other people that are on matrix with their handle or invite by email.
  • There are really great widgets that transform a room into a collaborative office, like google doc and etherpad extensions.
  • Even without widgets, there is video-conferencing, voice-calling, document upload
  • So a DAC can start with a Riot room and basically get jumpstarted into a full productivity suite they can build upon
  • is our favorite project when it comes to blockchain , in social messaging and we are heavily building on top of their framework for future versions of the Giveth DApp. Status migrated to Riot recently.

New onboarding site -

Direct link to join Riot community -

Direct link to join Slack community -

Riot tutorial for Giveth community members

  1. - Log into or make a new user and go directly to the Giveth community. Do it now and reserve your handle!
  2. Join the Giveth community
  3. On the community page, click the gear icon on top slightly right and enable publish this community on your profile (you will get a cool Giveth flair when posting in one of our rooms on Riot from now on!)
  4. Join whichever rooms you like, all Giveth rooms can be found via main room search as well.

Short user manual and best practices

  • Address all people in a room with: @room @channel (@room is for Riot and @channel is for Slack ... please use both when posting from Riot)
  • Please refrain from editing in Slack as it then gets posted to Riot again
  • Threading is not supported in Riot. However, quotes are supported in both: Riot and Slack
  • You can share rooms in chats with #roomname.
  • With standard room settings you will be able to invite other people to the room as a user
  • To make a new-line while typing, use shift-enter


If you run into any problems, or need to ask a question, find me on Riot