Giveth Communications

Welcome to the little 'homepage' of the Giveth Communications Circle!

Communication Meetings are held weekly online and can be found scheduled on the Giveth calendar. The meeting room can be found here and the corresponding Riot channel is here, feel free to join us! If you want to get a feel of what we discuss during our weekly meetings, all of them can be found on our Giveth Transparency YouTube channel.

Below you can find an overview of the goals we are working towards and if you're interested to check out some of the projects we are currently working on to achieve these, do check the zenhub-styled overview of all the open comms 'issues' which we track on GitHub.

If you have any question or are interested to contribute, feel free to reach out to @krrisis in the #communications channel on Riot!

Primary Goals

  • Communicate the Giveth DApp Development towards Givers and Makers with the purpose of future onboarding of Communities and Campaigns. (= ‘Giveth DApp Communication’)

  • Communicate all Giveth DAC activities of our 4 circles externally through the Giveth channels with the purpose of growing our Community (= ‘Giveth Galaxy Communication’)

Secondary Goals

  • Nurture and grow our community with the purpose of getting more talent in and promoting cross-pollination (= ‘Community Management’)

  • Experiment and document decentralization of communication with the purpose of modeling efficient communication for future DACs